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You have found Blah Blah Online, whether by design or accident. This is a browser RPG of sorts still in the beta stages. Feel free to register, play through the prologue, and try to hack things. I require feedback on both content and security, both of which are steadily improving, but doubtlessly in need of improvement.
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May 16: And again much time has passed. In the meantime, I've started a blog which serves, among other things, as a development diary for BBO. There you may find the most recent information on what's being worked on. I hesitate to promise or predict anything for the near future, but progress is unquestionably being made. I've also made the in-game Almanac available to the public.
November 22: Oops. Well, it's been 7 months, and much has occurred. Unfortunately, not a whole lot for the game. But some things! Mostly having to do with visuals and minor fixes. Bigger things are on the way, but it has been bothering me to see the site without the improvements I made so long ago. Because this update is small but shiny, the release has been codenamed "Trinket."

Blah Blah Online and associated art, writing, and code mostly copyright (c) 2008 me (grasssmith{at} Tab interface (c) Gavin Kistner in accordance with his Reuse License. Background of scenery images mostly produced by Terragen.
Blah Blah Online was developed to work with Mozilla Firefox 2.0+, Microsoft Internet Explorer 7+, Safari 3.0+, and Opera 9+. For best results, keep any browser as up-to-date as you can. Browsers other than these cannot be guaranteed to work, and no browsers will work without JavaScript enabled.