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Rock Hammerer
You have grown up in a family whose only talents have been whacking things. It is perhaps not a noble calling, but we can't all sit around conference tables and discuss quarterly objectives, can we? You have great experience with crafting tools and stuff, and you are especially strong, though not quite so quick on the uptake as others.

Restaurant Critic
You come from a long line of portly snobs, who have built a family legacy solely by dismissing various eateries with such adjectival phrases as "pedestrian," "stilted in both atmosphere and service," and "not unlike the feeling one gets when you show up to a public event and the only people there are the hosts and a handful of street people attracted by free refreshments." Your extensive gustatory experience has provided you with a certain nutritional know-how, and added considerably to your bulk. However, you have become a bit thin-skinned.

You've grown up obsessed with the movement and energy structures of the human body, and believe wholeheartedly in the power of dance to change lives. Of course, you're never entirely comfortable performing in front of judgmental audiences, but your litheness and attunement with your body serve you well.

You have made a life until now of smoothly navigating the finer points of property law as well as bribing officials. Perhaps you don't win every case, but with a flat rate regardless of the verdict, you aren't too worried about it. You can sweettalk with the best of them, and your ego leaves little to be desired, but with your mind always reflecting on your own superiority, your physical reflexes are subpar.

Little Person
You've gone through life being called all manner of diminutive names, but by this point you've learned to ignore it. In fact, it's become a bit of a tradition for those around you to try to get a rise out of you. You've learned an eclectic set of skills in your strange life, although of course you have sometimes been limited by your light-as-a-feather-itude.

Natural Philosopher
You are a true person of the mind, one who spends long hours hunched over calculations and scholarly texts. You're told you should get out more, and the only visible muscle you have is your temporalis, due to a combination of pensive teeth-grinding and subconscious nail-biting. However, you're very well-read in many subjects, and you always have a witty comeback. You know how in comedic plays there are scenes with people snapping witticisms back and forth and it's obvious they just memorized a script cause nobody could be that witty that fast? Yeah, well, you can.

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