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April 23: Couple things... I made some minor bug fixes and alterations, but though they are important and varied, I refuse to call them a real update. I guess they could be considered 0.5.1d-2. Also, I have been creating a little proof-of-concept called MazeGo!, which will form the basis for a part of the next area of the game, the Man Grove.
April 17: And it's out! 0.5.1d is live and concludes the current update, which I have retroactively named "Hatti" in accordance with my obligatory useless version-naming convention. In any case, further updates will be a while in coming, for they will be huge and I'll probably take a bit of a break also. Don't worry, this one won't be six months long...
April 11: One more minor expansion, and this one will likely be the penultimate for a while, as I delve into much larger-in-scope updates. The (fairly sparse) new content and features can as always be found on the Release Notes page, and take care of most of the outstanding issues I had. The last few should be handled with 0.5.1d, upcoming! Hurray arbitrary versioning conventions.
April 7: As a small expansion pack to the recent update, a new quest which leads to many new recipes has been added. Some of those useless store items are actually not useless now. I'm calling this 0.5.1b and just putting it as an addendum to the main release on the release notes page.
April 5: Finally, the unveiling of version 0.5.1! Many exciting new features have been added; take a look at the release notes. Further updates may be sporadic, as I enter the final weeks of my university career, but things are percolating for sure.
February 25: I have added some documentation/FAQ stuff to hold us over until I can do a more thorough job of it. It takes the form of a new tab once logged in. As an exciting content bonus, eating blahquats now gives you the effect "Sticky Fingers," but some pretty obvious things can solve this for you.

February 19: Blah Blah Online is now officially, if a bit arbitrarily, in beta, and at version 0.5. As a part of this, all existing characters have been purged (though I have a feeling nobody will be greatly missed), so please (re-)register.

This update is a major one; see the new Release Notes page for more detailed information. Note also that Safari 3 (beta) should also be supported at this point, so complaints coming from that browser (or any of the others listed below) are more than welcome.

January 25: And lo, out of the heavens descended news of pure virtue; Blah Blah Online will be making the metamorphosis into the beta stage any day now. A great number of updates are completed, with others on the way this weekend. I can't give it all away, but all you lady-types sick of being depicted as a male chauvinist pig should be excited and delighted. In the meantime, registration is disabled.

In related news, I've noticed an influx of players who are not personally known to me. Please, anyone, feel free to send an email with your (constructive) thoughts or life stories.


July 30: Art! Prettiness! These are the words of the week around the office here (my living room). In a departure from my normal practice of simply shouting out irrelevant words, these correspond to the concepts to which I am attenting of late as they concern this very project. That is to say, I've been spending a lot of time making new art and repositioning/reworking things in the fighting code to make it all more pretty. Nothing new is uploaded yet, but work is indeed progressing..
May 24: Those mysterious upgrades now exist; all inventory functions are consolidated into the one page, some fighting weirdnesses worked out, cool new XML at the Bazaar, which will expand elsewhere in time, and fancier info box.
April 13: Happy Friday the 13th! I know I'm still a slacker. I haven't completely forgot, though; I've been working on some backend stuff which will help me get around certain annoyingly intricate processes re: creating items and monsters. Certain upgrades are complete but not yet uploaded; they are waiting for friends to join them and may even exist before the end of the month. No promises...


December 12: Happy Thanksgiving and non-denominational holiday season! I know I'm a slacker, but I managed to turn some of my lackadaisicality into a further-improved inventory interface, as well as making the info box down there more useful and prettyesque. Minor issues dealt with all around.
October 31: Happy Halloween! In unrelated news, with the recent abatement of 16-hour academic days, I have revamped the inventory page. It will soon grow to encompass all the functions (if they may be so called) of the current five inventory pages, but currently can be found under the heading of "Inventory." Fancy that. Also, go upgrade your FireFoxes or Internet Explorers.
October 10: Over the past week or so I've made some changes and additions. The store in the plains is functional, the sidebar with stats and stuff is simpler and easier to load, and there are some new items here and there. Also the login should be all automatic-like so you don't have to click "Welcome!" It's still there if your Javascript is lame, though.
October 1: Alright, so it took a little longer than that, but I got hit upside the head with higher education. Anyway, registration is possible again, and with sexy new class descriptions. I fixed several combat-related bugs and weirdnesses as well. Go use the forum, dammit.
September 13: Sorry (to all 1 of you that have noticed) about the lack of updates. I have obtained a more or less professional contract that I'm working on to the exclusion of everything else, but it's a good thing; I'm learning even more about how things can work in new and interesting ways. Fret not. Anyway, it should be completed within the next week.
August 28: Due to overwhelming demand for not dying horrible deaths, the Languidary has been built in town. Its friendly associates will transport you from the site of your untimely defeat to help you recover. Also, some general style changes. We're getting there..
August 16: I have vastly improved the way combat works, which helps in several respects. As I did that, I made it all look better too, so there shouldn't be debuggy crap everywhere, nor should you be completely confused as to what's happening. I also improved the layout of some of the inventory pages, but they are still a work in progress (then again, what isn't?). In related news, that lower left frame is slightly more useful now.
August 12: Finally, after much dilly-dallying, there is an item which can restore RP. The local Bazaar now carries motivational pamphlets. Also, some errors and potential exploits related to using items were addressed.
August 10: Second news item! I added a wiki, though as yet there's not really much point. As a part of that, I created the first official depiction of Elliott the Helpful Snake. All he wants is to help...
August 9: First news item. Updated/upgraded this page as well as many others. Inside location pictures should work in IE now, and the placement of the images should be better on all browsers.