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About Blah Blah Online

Qu'est-ce que c'est?

Blah Blah Online (or BBO, as nobody actually calls it) is currently a free Rather Single-Player Online Game With Role-Playing Elements (or RSPOGWRPE). Sometime in the future it may become more multi-player-esque. It is now in beta; the game infrastructure is stable and extensible. Still a little short on content, but it forthcomes.

The game places you, the player, at the center of a possibly engrossing mystery in a land strikingly similar to our own. You will have to solve mysteries, defeat enemies by myriad means, manage time and resources, and play dress-up. Your ethical choices will make minor differences!

Show me something!

Well, I'm glad you asked. As you can see, there are some things to show.

Vicious Enemies! Vicious Enemies!

Vicious enemies await you!

Exotic Locations!

Exotic locations await you too!

Cereal!Bland Tack!Ice Cream!An Orange!Platform Shoes!A Toothbrush!Old Pants!A Rolled-Up Newspaper!

Furthermore, a remarkably capacitous ability to store items also awaits you, as well as items with which to fill it!

The best way to learn about the game is simply to sign up and play it. It is now and will always be free and ad-free.


Tell me some nerdy things!

Well, alright!

Blah Blah Online is composed of three parts PHP, two parts MySQL, and one part AJAX. It has served as my way of teaching myself many facets of web programming. As such, its foundation is made of duct tape and perilously frayed cord, while the topmost additions are polished marble, sculpted at extravagant cost to fit perfectly together.

The site is hosted with Dreamhost, and I highly recommend them. If you're looking to get some webspace of your own and help me out a bit in the process, use the referral code "BBO" to get massive savings (get the first year for $20 total; if you use the preceding link, it should be automatic).